The Rock made a special appearance to present our awards for this year's Telecommunications Week.

The award winners were selected using quality assurance (QA) benchmarks for the most high complaint/complaint calls in the past year. The award winners were presented with custom gift bags and a certificate.

This year's winners are:

0-3 years of service: Kolten Wall

3-5 years of service: Kenzee Mullins

9-11 years of service: Jen Buller

17-20 years of service: Tasha Urbatsch

20 plus years of service: Val Gelinas


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  • Kolten Wall-3 years

    Kolten Wall-3 years

  • Kenzee Mullins-3-5 years

    Kenzee Mullins-3-5 years

  • Jen Buller- 9-11 years

    Jen Buller- 9-11 years

  • Tasha Urbatsch 17-20 years

    Tasha Urbatsch 17-20 years

  • Val Gelinas-20 plus

    Val Gelinas-20 plus

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