Sweetwater 311

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DayCare Center Report

Young at Heart Openings for Essential Employees only, part time or full time – would do both. Open 7 days a week. Hours 6:30 – 6. Will take 6week to 11 year olds

Little Fox Open 8 – 4:30 No Openings at this time. Year round slots when things get back to normal. No one has pulled their child out.

Catholic School Closed. Will resume after school opens back up

Azalia Blossoms N/A

CDC Green River Not Open Hopes to open when state will allow them to.

Kandis is open M-F 6 – 5:30. No Openings. Has a waiting list for infants – 3 year olds. 4 children have pulled out

GR Co-Op N/A

Donna Wisniewski Shut down – 2 weeks due to husband’s health issues. Will only be in business another year.

Kiddie Kloud N/A

Jungle Open to Essential Employees only 6:45-6. 3 Full time openings available. There have been some openings because of parents who are teachers

SuperStar Rock Springs Closed. Hope to open April 6

Learning Tree N/A

Zellas has 1 Child – Essential Employee. Open 7am – 6 pm. 5 have pulled out

Rock Springs CDC Closed Hope to open April 6

YWCA Will take Essential Employee Children

Fits of Laughter N/A

Little Bugs N/A

Daytime Is Open 6-6 Needs to talk to people face to face if they need daycare. Lots of kids have pulled out

Daisy Days Will take Essential Employee kids. Open 7-5

Kiddo’s Kastle is open 7-5. No Openings. Has a waiting list of 6. Essential Employee Kids only

Bee a Learner N/A

Kid & Comp Open 6:30-5:30 M-F Will take Essential Employee Kids. All ages except infants. Will have 10 openings when crisis is over

Mama Bears N/A

Little Sage Can take Essential Employee Kids 7-4:15. Wait List – Depends on Situation. Several Kids have pulled out.

Baby Bear Daycare Closed until April 3. Watching for DFS Guidelines

Little Sprouts N/A