Sweetwater 311

Public Information Site for Sweetwater County, WY

  Business DATE TYPE
Open, Closed
1 307 Auto   Open Same  
2 Aaron's Semi Repair 3/23/2020 Open Normal   
3 Access Balance & Change 3/23/2020 Open Providing all services via Telehealth and phone  
4 Ace Hardware 3/27/2020 Open Buy online and get free curbside pickup and will deliver  
5 Airgas 3/25/2020 Modified No customers will be allowed in the branch unless escorted by one of our associates. One Customer at a time only, and only to pay, and at the discretion of our staff.  Curbside pick up is available - Call or go online to order.  
6 Albertsons 3/25/2020 Open Did not see an onslaught of Panic Buying after the announcement of the Sweetwater County Case.  In fact, things are starting to ffel back to normal.  The supply chain is catching up and the Manager sees anopportunity to soon be back to normal. Hired extra employees.
In an effort to take more steps of precaution they are putting tape down, 6 feet apart and putting signage up to remind people to be safe.  People are adhering and being mindful and cautious. 
7 Allwest 3/23/2020 Closed Closed to public but available by phone, email, Facebook, messenger and a payment drop box is available.   
8 Applebee's  3/27/2020 Modified Carside to go.  Order online or on their app and pick up  
9 Arby's 3/24/2020 Modified Drive Through is open   
10 Aspen Mountain  Plumbing   Yes 8am -5pm  
11 Big O Tire   Open Same  
12 Bi-Rite 3/20/2020 Modified Offering call in orders for curb side delivery  
13 Black Butte Coal   Yes We are operating as usual. We have modified our attendance policy to allow people to care for themselves if sick or care for kids while schools are closed without loosing any pay. Essentially we are letting employees go negative on their sick leave balance if they need to. We do have an employee that has a health concern that we are allowing to work from home.   
14 Black Market Vape   Open Keeping customers to 5 in store, Cleaning everything more frequently.  
15 BookCliffs Sales   Yes- at this time M-F-8-6 / Sat 9-1  
16 Boot Barn 3/30/2020 Open M-SA - 12-7  Sunday - 12-5  
17 Boshetto's   Open Same  
18 Broadway Burger   Open Nothing Unique, will reevaluate at the end of the week to decide if closing is a better option.   
19 Burger King   Yes 6:30am to midnight - Dining room open 9am to 10pm  
20 Café Rio 3/26/2020 Modified Dining is closed.  Online ordering, Café Rio App or phone calls.  Pay with Credit/Debt card.  Gift cards are not taken at this time.  Curbside is available, door dash, Go Gal are used for delivery.  
21 Chill Grill 3/27/2020 Modified Dining is closed.  Drive up window and deliveries   
22 Ciner-Craig   Yes Social distancing, no meetings in person, limit visitors, social distancing for all deliveries, travel restrictions for employees, extra cleaning and sanitizing, contingency planning, extra busses for social distancing, etc.  
23 City Taxi 3/26/2020 Open Has offered his service to anyone in need at this time - 307-382-1100  
24 Commerce Bank 3/23/2020 Modified Lobby is closed, drive up and ATM are still open.  Taking appointments to come in lobby.  
25 Comtech Radio   Yes We have continued to service our customers as required.  We have not had any issues with product distribution.  Regular hand washing and sanitizing and disinfecting.  
26 Cruel Jack's 3/23/2020 Open Hours of operation are staying the same   
27 Daniels Jewerly    Yes -  Closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday-Open Tuesday thru Friday  
28 Dersert View Animal Clinic 3/23/2020 Open 8 to 5 M-F
Offers curbside services and pickup and delivery in the Rock Springs area.
29 Dickey's BBQ 3/27/2020 Modified Dining Closed.  Order online, phone or their App.  Curbside or Free Doorstop delivery  
30 DMC-Donaldsons Medical  3/18/2020 Yes Having patients go directly to exam rooms and not waiting the waiting room area.  Also asking that the minimum famly members come to visit, don't bring everybody with you.  Making special accommodations for patients needs, Call the office and they will do everything they can to help have access to healthcare.   
31 Edward Jones-Justin Spicer 3/23/2020 Modified Closed to public-available by phone
8 to 4 M-Th
8 to 2 Friday
32 Elk Bomb 3/27/2020 Open Same  
33 Elwood Staffing 3/23/2020 Open 7:30am - 5:30pm
Can assist in person, via Skype, Phone, Email & Text
34 Equilibrium Fitness Studio   Yes Classes are never more then 15 people.  Working on getting a digital platform so her clients can access the classes and personal training from home.     
35 Escape Day Spa 3/27/2020 Closed    
36 Euphoric Tattoos         
37 Eve's Resturant  3/26/2020 Modified Taking orders over the phone, curbside, and deliveries to Rock Springs only, Menu on facebook and website   
38 EZ Cash 3/17/2020 Open 8:30 - 6pm  
39 First Bank 3/23/2020 Modified Drive Thru Only -M-F 7:30-5:30  Sat-9 to 1 Closed Sunday  
40 First Choice Ford   Open Same  
41 Food Bank 3/23/2020 Modified  The Bank will be temporarily CLOSED except on Distribution Days
Mondays and Fridays
10 to 12
GREEN RIVER FOOD PANTRY (Serving residents of Green River, Granger, Little America, and McKinnon) 
Open the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month 10:00 AM - 4:45 PM.  (Please be in the building 15 minutes before closing.)
42 Genesis-David Caplan 3/18/2020 Yes Increased  security and screening at the site for employees, contractors, carriers, customers, and vendors.  Implementing revised cleaning procedures.  Conducting meetings by skype, eliminating non-esential travel.  
43 Go Gal 3/27/2020 Yes M-F- 8-12pm -  Sat & Sun  9-2am
We can deliver pretty much anything(as long as it's legal) Leave order at the door steps to limit contact - encourage people to shop with the store apps.  Call, Text or Facebook message.  Will do shopping if need arises 
44 Great Clips 3/18/2020 Staying open m-s -9-6 s-10-3
Keeping space (1chair) between customers- Signage on doors about safety and Health
45 Habor Freight   Yes M-S-8-6  Sun-9-5  
46 Haiku   Yes 8am -8pm-M-S-Sunday close 2pm  Call, Text or Facebook message us with your order  
49 Home Depot   Yes Store mgmt is focusing on keeping the store sanitized.  
51 Hose & Rubber   Open A few walk in customers, practicing Social Distancing.  Everything is being handled with gloves.  
52 Hunsaker Dental   Modified Closed to Emergencies only - Employees are not working and not getting paid.
The American Dental Association encouraged dental offices to close.
53 Income Tax Pros 3/23/2020 Modified Closed to public till 4/6/2020-Customers can call or email  
54 Infinity    Yes Still getting calls - Neccesary cleaning more cleaning/santizers - Wash hands, etc.  
55 JME Fire 3/18/2020 Modified Office is closed to public - Pick up and drop offs only and taken care of outside.
Appointments are being rescheduled for April.  Customers can call. 
56 JoAnns   Yes m-s 12 to 7         s-12-6  
57 Joe's Pet Place   Yes Business as usual   
58 Laser Tag 3/23/2020 Closed     
59 Les Schwab 3/26/2020 Open Maintaining the same hours  
60 LR Communications 3/20/2020 Open 9 to 5
We ask that customers limit in person interations- Please contact office
61 Maurices   Yes 12pm - 6pm  
62 McDonalds 3/27/2020 Modified Lobby closed -Curbside and Drive Thru only & Walk up ordering - Door Dash is offering free delivery for orders of $15 or more.   
63 Mortgage Solutions 3/23/2020 Modified Working from home - available on phones  
64 Motel 8   Yes Businsess as ususal  
65 Mount of Olives Lutheran Church  3/23/2020 Modifed  Having "Open House"  A time to pray, reflect, receive communion, confession and forgiveness, to share an offering, or to see Pastor Levi. Candles will be lit.
• Sundays: 9-11am
• Mondays: 10am-12pm
• Tuesdays: 12-1pm
• Wednesdays: 5-7pm
• Thursdays: 10am-1pm
66 Mountainaire Annimal Clinic   Open Haven't taken any actions other then accommodation clients who do not want to come inside.   
67 Murdoch's 3/23/2020 Open 8 to 6 M-Sat - 9 to 6 Sunday  
69 Nellie Nutting - Mary Kay   Yes I am mostly doing virtual business with zoom and FB/FaceTime filling in for face to face in my MARY KAY appointments.  I do deliver- always have and also ship if needed:). Thanks for checking in!  
70 New Studio   Yes Practicing social distancing and sanitizing often. Taking care of the customer case by case when customer calls  
71 Old Chicago 3/27/2020 Modified  Dining is closed - Menu on Facebook and website.  Online orders has the option of curbside delivery or pick up.  
72 O'Reilly Auto Parts   Open Cleaning every 2-4 hours.  Closed the restrooms to the public.  
73 Outlaw Inn 3/27/2020 Modified  Dining are is closed to public till the 5th.  Breakfast is served only for guests staying at hotel.  Will not make any changes about rooms unless told other wise.  Following CDC Guidelines.   
74 Petco     m-s 10-6  
75 Plains Tires 3/25/2020 Open 7:30am - 6:00pm Monday thru Saturday - Free Pick up and delivery for Seniors   
76 Planet Fitness   Yes Mon-Th-5am-10pm
Sat & Sun-7-7
77 PM Auto Glass   Modified Open by appointment - Leave keys in lock box.  Taking payments over the phone   
78 Power Trust (Meridian Trust)   Yes- Closing Lobby Lobby is closed.  Drive thru open.  Appointments can be made by calling 307-362-1810  
79 Ray Lovato Recycling Center   Yes 8-5 M-F-will close if slows down  
80 Rock Island   Open Same-Some members have put memberships on hold  
81 Rocket Miner 3/21/2020 Modified Offices are closed.  Can call the offices if help is needed.  
82 Rocky Moutain Power Sports 3/23/2020 Open Closed Saturday  
83 Ron's Ace Hardware   Open Same  
84 Ross   Yes 9am - 8pm  
85 RS Refrigeration   Yes Same  
86 RSNB 3/23/2020 Modified  Lobbies are closed through April 3. Drive Thru open, mobile banking ATM's, Night deposits drop boxes, etc.  Can call for assistance.   
87 Santa Fe Resturant 3/19/2020 Yes - 85% sure they will be closing the dining Offering Curb Side and making sure customers are taking care of
They are not doing deliveries but will honor Go Gal and Door Dash
88 Schwan's  3/27/2020 Modified Doing deliveries as normal but with the 6' rule.  Encouraging the Schwan's app and website for orders and payments.  Taking precaustions with gloves.  Will delivery, ring doorbell and drop product on the porch.   
89 Seedskadee 3/19/2020 Modified  24/7 on Social Media  
90 Sidekicks   Staying open at this point until it becomes hazadous to employees Working on putting items on website for shopping(very time consuming)Audio books are available-Appls for listening   
91 Simplot-Darin   Open Encouraging people to work from home if can  
92 Smith's GR 3/25/2020 Open  Had a 150 people waiting this morning to shop.  He spoke with them and asked they they keep the social distance and be cautious.  He allowed 5 peopl at a time at 5 minute inervals.  He suggested to them to shop when they normally do instead of first thing in the morning.  Shelves are being filled still and the suppy chanin is getting closer to normal.  
93 Smith's RS 3/25/2020 Open Had the smallest line this morning.  Did not recognize a sense of panic buying.  The warehouse supply stock is at 68% which is up 23%  from earlier this week.  They are putting signage to encourage safe distancing and tomorrow will install plexiglass to cover the cashiers.   
94 Solvay - Doug Nutting   Open Limiting Travel, Practicing and encouraging Social Distancing.  Reminding they don't have to take the bus.  Staggering Shifts so the cage going down is not so full (60 - 90 Normally)  Canceling meetings or doing Skype.  Working from home if possible.  Cleaning as changed and done accroding to CDC recomendations  
95 Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport 3/24/2020 Modified The Airport will remain open unless otherwise directed to close by the Federal Aviation Administration.  Reduced Flights from 2 a day to 1. Passengers that have booked flight for after April 1, will be contacted by United Airlines.  For more information, see Press Release released earlier.   
96 Spa World   Open 10am - 2pm - For emergencies you can call for service appointment or contact thru Facebook.  
97 Sportmans 3/18/2020 Modified  Reduced Hours to 10am - 8 pm - Limited firearms and ammo-Limit for people   
98 SST Testing 3/23/2020 Yes For our part, we are increasing our already strict sanitation standards at our collection site and monitoring CDC recommendations. We are asking that our customers make appointments so that we have time to sanitize in between appointments and practice social distancing.  
99 Staples 3/23/2020 Yes 10 to 6 M-F
12 to5 Sat
100 Starbucks   Yes  Dinning is room is open only to order and pick up and go, not to stay.  Can go thru drive thru.  
101 STAR Transit  3/27/2020 Modified No fixed routes, Call the day before by 3pm for a scheduled ride, the rides will be door to door and riders on the bus will be limited.  Seniors - all stores have posted hours for seniors to be able to shop with out the rest of the public, accommodations are made for those hours and seniors.  The regular times have not changed for the RS and GR Shuttle, however you will need to schedule in advance.  Starting March 23rd STAR Transit is moving to a FARE FREE system.  Keeping it safe by not handling money or punch cards.  They are asking people to limit their trips to essential trips only to reduce exposure for other riders and the drivers.  Tose that are sick with a fewver, cough or other symptons please do not board the bus and contact their medical provider.   
102 State Offices   Normal Hours    
103 Stimtech   Yes 8am - 5pm  
104 Subway   Modified Online Ordering, Dining is closed and doing hourly wipe downs follwing a check sheet.  
105 SW. Tech   Open  They keep 1 person in the office-the rest is working remotely  
106 Sweetwater Chiropractic   Open Limiting patients in office-one at a time, Sanitizing after each patient and asking each patient to wash hands before checkin in.  
107 Sweetwater County Events Complex   Closed  All public evetns have been cancelled through the end of March.  Staff will be cleaning the buildings to ensure public safetly.  
108 Sweetwater Federal Credit Union   Modified Lobby is closed -operating business at the drive through only.  Encouraging members to utilize the remote services (online banking and ATM's)  
109 Sweetwater Trophies 3/23/2020 Open 9-5:30 M-F  
110 Taco Time   Yes Same  
111 That Yogurt Place 3/26/2020 Modified Call with order or come in-they will serve you.  Ask that patrons respect the Social Distancing.   
112 Theater 3/17/2020 Closed    
113 Tire Den   Open Same  
114 Toy Town   No-Closed N/A  
115 Trona Valley 3/23/2020 Modified Lobby is closed-encouraging members to use digital channels and expanded call center-drive up is open with normal hours  
116 UPS Store   Open Disinfecting every 30 Minutes, implemented policy for employees to wash hands.  
117 US Bank   Open  Changing hours to 9:30 - 4:00 -
Phone numbers: 307-362-3740 - 307-875-5980-for assistance visit: https://www.usbank.com/splash/covid-19.html  For appointments:  https://emp.usbank.com/index.html . We encourage customers to use our drive through and the mobile app. We are happy to assist customers with the mobile app and are encourage questions and phone calls. We continually are wiping surfaces throughout the branch with disinfectant. Money handlers are washing hands regularly and using sanitizer and gloves.
118 USA Cash Services   Open Same  
119 V R Cade 3/23/2020 Closed    
120 Verizon (101 Gateway)   Open M-F 8-6 - Sun 9-5-Cut back  
121 VIRS Respite care 3/22/2020 Closed Working from Home   
122 Walgreens 3/24/2020 Yes 9 to 9 Until further notice
Open 8am for Seniors and Caregivers
123 Wal-Mart 3/25/2020 Open Sales have not spiked with the annoucement today.  Truck loads are increasing, and shelves are slowly returning to normal stock.  There are still emply shelves but there is gradual imporvment.  Indications are that the Panic Buying is being mitigated.   
124 Whisler   Yes Trying to limit exposure - No Loaners, taking people back-Test drive vehicles are taken back immediately to be cleaned - Office is being cleaned 2wice a day - Gloves- plastic in vehicles being serviced.   
125 White Mt Dental 3/19/2020 Modified By appt & emergencies   
126 White Mt Mall offices
Mall Walkers
  Office are reg hours Mall opens 8am for Mall walkers - Orignally opened at 6am  
127 Workforce Services 3/20/2020 Open    
128 Wyoming Trucks   Open Offering online transactions and by phone, will take vehicle to customer to show them.  Sanitizing everything.  
129 Wyoming Work Warehouse   Open 10-6 closed Sat and Sun  
130 Young at Heart 3/27/2020 Modified Young At Heart is not open to the public except for limited childcare for community members that were already enrolled and need to be available to respond to health concerns. We are continuing to provide home delivered meals, in home services is, home health nursing, and curbside meal pickup (meals must be ordered by 9:00 am and can be picked up at noon [patrons should not leave their car, meals will be brought to them]). The needs of our most vulnerable patrons are being met, but there are concerns about social isolation for those that regularly use the center.  We will be starting a call tree program to keep seniors in touch with each other. At this point the chamber can just help spread the word of what we are doing and direct vulnerable seniors to us. Lending closet is still running, need to call for arrangements.  
131 YWCA  3/27/2020 Closed 3/21/20-The offices are closed, However from a responders standpoint they are using their crisis line as a help-line as well.  Please call 307-352-1030(crises line)  First responders have this info.The offices remain open, but have asked that people call instead of coming to office.   
132 YWCA Finacial Education 3/27/2020 Yes Temporarily on hold.  Will try to find a way to do online classes.  
133 YWCA
3/27/2020 Yes Open to Essential Workers only.   
  Status of Lodging in Rock Springs Area        
  As of 3/30/2020         
    Open? Temporary Closure? Location  
  Baymont Inn and Suites Yes Closed the 2nd floor for Sanitizing - Local decision   Rock Springs  
  Best Western - Outlaw Inn Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Clarion Hotel Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Classic Roads Inn No Number has been disconnected Rock Springs  
  Coachman Inn Yes None at this time Green River  
  Cody Motel  Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Comfort Inn and Suites Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Country West Motel    No Answer Rock Springs  
  Cozy Cottage Motel   Left a Message Rock Springs  
  Days Inn Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Econo Lodge Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Economy Guest Village Yes None at this time -Have apartments for long term Rock Springs  
  Hampton Inn & Suites  Yes None at this time  Rock Springs  
  Hampton Inn & Suites Yes None at this time Green River  
  Holiday Inn Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Holiday Inn Express Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Homewood Suites Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Little American  Yes None at this time Little America  
  Little Bear Motel Yes Not accepting travelers from certain states- Just Normal Workers Green River  
  Motel 6 Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Motel 8 Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Mustang Motel  Yes Not accepting any travelers-just normal workers Green River  
  My Place Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Quality Inn Yes None at this time Rock Springs  
  Sands Inn    Call didn't go thru Rock Springs  
  Sitrzman's Motel  No Closed till further notice Farson  
  Springs Motel Yes Close at 8:30 pm till am Rock Springs  
  Sunset Inn Yes None at this time Wamsutter  
  Super 8 by Wyndom in GR Yes None at this time  Green River  
  Western Inn Yes Not accepting cash-No other restrictions  Green River