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In a recent message from Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer Rick Lee, he urges citizens of Sweetwater County, "Dont panic buy! Save products for your neighbor. Stores are not closing and distributions will continue."

Here's the latest from area grocery stores:

Albertsons - Trucks are coming in on a regular basis.  They have implemented a limit on purchases by corporate orders.  Water, milk, eggs, prett much all staple products, paper products and meat all seem to go off the shelves quickly.  According to a spokesperson from Albertons in Rock Springs, "There is plenty of product available. We are just working on supply chain catch up.  There is no concern or worry about a shortage of supplies."

Walmart - Trucks are all running on time and none of them are shorted.  The issue is "panic buying," like the recent run on the banks.  A Rock Springs Walmart spokesperson said, "We have noticed a lot of panic, but we receive deliveries as usual every day and there have been no disruptions.  Products that go the quickest for us are the same as others - milk, eggs, paper products, meat, etc.  We have no concerns or worry about a shortage of supplies."

Smith's (RS) - Same issues as the others.  Toilet paper keeps coming in and lasts about 2 hours.  Noticed today that things have calmed a little.  "There is no shortage of products, just a distribution problem caused by panic over-buying.  Southwest Wyoming will not be unfarily distributed to.  Smith's will remain open and there is no concern.  Store hours have changed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.."

Smith's (GR) - There is no food shortage, panic over-buying is putting a strain on distribution warehoues.  "There is light at the end of the tunnel, and things seem calmer."  Biggest concern is poulty (chicken production is a several-week process), meat, paper, milk, etc..  The problem comes from warehouses needing to allocate products to spread out evenly.  "We are not clsoing down because we are considered an essential service.  We recently hired 10 extra temporary workers to handle the increased volume. Shelves look better this afternoon than they have in week.  We have no concerns or worry about a shortage of supplies."