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Albertson’s - Did not see an onslaught of Panic Buying after the announcement of the Sweetwater County Case. In fact, things are starting to feel back to normal. The Supply Chain is catching up and he (Eric) sees an opportunity to soon be back to normal. Meat Stock is at 97%. He said that they have hired a couple of people and their employees have all stepped up and are helping however they can.


I asked about steps of precaution that they are taking, and he said that he has put tape on the floor to indicate 6 feet of space and they are putting up signage to remind people to be safe. His report is that people are adhering to the need to be mindful and cautious.


Smith’s Green River – Had 150 people standing outside this morning waiting to get in. He did not feel that the large number was because of the announcement because that is the number that they had yesterday. He (Will) went out and talked to the crowd and reminded them to keep social distanced and to be cautious. He allowed 5 people in at a time at 5 minuet intervals. He suggested that people should come shopping when they normally do. There is no need to go in the morning, spread out your shopping plans to help control crowding.  Shelves are being filled still and the supply chain is getting closer to normal.


Walmart – Sales have not spiked with the announcement today. Truck Loads are increasing, and shelves are slowly returning to normal stock. There are still empty shelves but there is gradual improvement. Indications are that the Panic Buying is being mitigated.


Smith’s Rock Springs – Had the smallest line this morning that he (Jake) has had in a week. Did not recognize a sense of Panic Buying. Told me that their warehouse supply stock is at 68% which is up 23% from earlier in the week. They are also putting in signage to encourage safe distancing and tomorrow will install plexiglass to cover the cashiers.



*People need to know that if they are sick, then stay home and have someone do the shopping for you! Even if you have not been tested for COVID19. If you need shopping done and are sick, both Rock Springs and Green River have implemented plans to help. Call the Chambers with any questions.


We are in this together (6 feet apart).


Rick Lee


Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce